Who Makes the Best Burgers in Utah?

Who Makes the Best Burgers in Utah?

One thing has divided foodies since the dawn of the Drive Through.  No, it isn’t how to make the perfect Pizza Crust or Who makes the best BBQ.  It’s who makes the best Burgers, specifically available in Utah.

I have had my share of Burgers in my life and I am ready to impart my wisdom on the world.  I chose from burgers that are available to me and that I have tried before.  Some will be obvious choices and some will be places you have never heard of, so let me know down in the comments below if you agree or disagree with my list.

In-N-Out: The Double Double (Animal Style)

Double Double- Animal Style - Hungry Doug


Growing up in So. Cal, I was blessed to live in the promised land for the best burger ever made, the Double Double.  Starting out with the Sponge Dough Buns and a special sauce that they call “Spread,”  This burger has 2 all beef patties, cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Pickles.  What makes it Animal Style is the fact they squirt some Yellow Mustard on the patty while cooking it.  Top that off with sauteed onions and this is heaven on a bun.

If you are feeling extra hungry, you can order from their secret menu, which consists of Neopolitan Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry mixed), 3×3 (3 Patties, 3 Cheese Slices), 4×4 (4 Patties, 4 Cheese Slices, the Flying Dutchman (2 Patties and cheese with no bun) and many more.

Find an In-N-Out near you.  (Sorry East Coasters, you can have your precious Shake Shack.)


5 Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger (Any way you want)5 Guys - Hungry Doug

5 Guys is a special one because this burger you can have with any topping you want.  Customizable with thousands of different combinations, one thing remains constant.  The quality of their meat, cheese, and buns that make 5 Guys a hit.  If you arent in the mood for a burger, they also have Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese, and BLT’s.

Two hand-formed patties, grilled to order – with two strips of crispy bacon and two slices of Kraft American Cheese – all on a soft, sesame seed bun.

Find a 5 Guys near you.


Burger Bar: Big Ben

Burger Bar - Big Ben - Hungry Doug

Now I did a whole write up on Burger Bar a while back, but it is worth mentioning again.  This classic burger joint does burgers the right way.  Cranking out classic burgers as big as your head.  The burgers are classic with an all beef patty, special sauce (Thousand Island), Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, on a super soft bun.  I’m not kidding about the size of the burger.  It is almost 3 times bigger than a normal burger.  You can also order the Big Ben Burger as a double or triple.

Burger Stop was featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri a while back, which may explain the lines all the time.  Burger Bar is only found in Roy Utah.


Crown Burger: Crown BurgerCrown Burger - Hungry Doug

What can I say about Crown Burger other than PASTRAMI BABY!  I cannot think of a more classic combination to put on a burger than Beef, melted cheese and a huge pile of thick cut pastrami.  Served with their amazing fries and Fry Sauce, it doesn’t get much more Utah than that.  Crown burger has been serving Utah since 1978 and has recently expanded to its 7th store along the Wasatch front.

They do serve more than just Burgers including Pastrami Sandwiches, Corn Dogs, BBQ Beef, and Burritos.

Burger Stop: The Deuce

Burger Stop - Layton UT - Hungry Doug

Opened in 1993, this 1950’s diner has been cranking out the classics and becoming a fixture in the Davis County community of Layton.  They aren’t just a Burger joint as they serve Breakfast items in the morning as well.  They embrace their 1950’s vibe by also hosting classic car shows every few months featuring the best of what made America great.  What Burger Stop is really famous for is their 2 lb challenge burger called The Deuce.

For $18.99, you can participate in the Deuce Challenge with the signature 2lb burger with Ground Beef, 5 slices of cheese, 4 strips of thick cut bacon and topped with special sauce and onion rings.  Finish it in less than 30 minutes and you get a t-shirt to lay claim to your conquest.

My Favorite?

To be completely honest, I get a hankering for each of these burgers at different times.  Each one satisfying my craving, but if I had to choose, life or death, I would have to choose the Crown Burger.  It’s unique and delicious Pastrami is often imitated, never duplicated.  Now I know a lot of you guys will disagree, but for me, that is the one burger that I crave the most.

Which is your favorite?



Why do these Weird Sodas exist???

Why do these Weird Sodas exist???

Why do these Weird Sodas exist?  It is a simple question really…

One of my guilty pleasures in this world is that I get to travel to Texas every year to visit my brother in Waco, Texas.  Besides being known for Cults and the Fixer Uppers, Waco has a unique charm to it.  Each time we have visited, we take a trip to Downtown Waco and visit the variety of awesome stores.  One of my favorite stores is called Hey Sugar.

Hey Sugar is an amazing little candy store in downtown Waco.  As soon as I walk in I am surrounded by all the candy and soda I can imagine.  From the new candies to old vintage ones you can’t find anywhere, Hey Sugar has it all.  In the back, they have huge fridges filled with an awesome mix of sodas and even have a large variety of ice cream.  

While we were in the store Hey Sugar, we came across a few different things that tickled our fancy, particularly in their weird Sodas section.

Check out the video of what we found.

Also, check out Hey Sugar here!


5 Basic Cuban Foods EVERYONE needs to try

5 Basic Cuban Foods EVERYONE needs to try

When you think of Cuba, what do you think?  Mojitos? Cigars?  Old Cars?  What if I told you that Cuba had one of the best food cuisines in the world? You don’t have to leave the United States even to get some of the best Cuban Food in the world.  The capital of Cuban cuisine isn’t in Havana, it is in Miami.  Next time you are down that way, go experience all the love that is Cuban cuisine.

Don’t believe me?  Give any of these 5 dishes a taste, and you will be coming back for more.


Every Cuban knows what Picadillo is, knows how it is served, and can cook it with their eyes closed.  It is the basic staple food for all Cubans and many other dishes depend on it as well.  The mashup of ground beef, tomato sauce, and spices is served over rice is a classic dish you need to try.  Different variations include raisins or potatoes in the recipe.  Now before you go try and mess with perfection, try my recipe down below before adding anything extra.

To find out how to make it, click here.

Cuban Sandwich

How can you have a Cuban food list without including a classic Cuban Sandwich.  Here in the United States, we have different variations of this, but there is one common thread.  It has Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Yellow Mustard, and Pickles.  Wrap all that up in a fresh French Bread and toast it and you mi amigo, have a perfect Cuban Sandwich.  

To find out how to make it, click here.

Arroz con Pollo

Not that into red meat?  Ready for a classic that never gets old?  Come have some Arroz con Pollo.  Literally, it means Chicken and Rice.  A flavorful dish centered on a nice Spanish Rice with many different vegitables keeps you coming back.  Nothing fancy, just good old comfort food.

To find out how to make it, click here.

Ropa Vieja with Plantains, White Rice, and Black Beans

Ropa Vieja

Few dishes that I prepare get more fuss than the classic Ropa Vieja.  Literally meaning Old Clothes, Ropa Vieja is a slow simmered beef dish with onions and peppers usually served with white rice and a side of Black Beans.  Using a cut of Beef that is typically very tough and stringy, when you cook the meat on slow, add a whole bunch of spices, tomato sauce, onions, and peppers, you get a beautiful symphony of flavors.  

 To find out how to make it, click here.

Sides: Black Beans, Croquetas, Pasteles de Carne, Plantains

The last dish on our journey isnt a dish at all, they are the sides.  While each one of these dishes is amazing in and of itself, you have to get the full effect of Cuban cuisine by adding any one or all of the following:

Black Beans: Just how Abuelita used to make.  Simmering on the stove since the morning.  Heavy on the spices and a perfect accompaniment to any Cuban Dish.

Croquetas: A rich Ham Croquette served on the side.  Eat just one, or take the whole plato.  

Pasteles de Carne:  A perfect way to use up that Picadillo that has been sitting in the fridge.  Delicious puff paistry with a honey glaze makes this a perfect appetizer.

Plantains:  No latin dish is complete without fried plantains.  You know you saw your grandmothers Plantain smasher and thought you could make them yourself.  Now you can, and you will never turn back.

To find out how to make Croquetas, click here.

To find out how to make Pasteles de Carne, click here.

To find out how to make Plantains, click here.

Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles

Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles

I have seen a ton of YouTube videos about the Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles.  It vanquishes all those who stand in its way.  I haven’t seen any video that says that it’s not spicy.  If you want to check them out, just search for “Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles”

I decided I had to try it.  First step was trying to find it on Amazon. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!  After the two day PRIME wait, it finally came.  The bright red packaging was everything a spice head would dream of: Flames, Bombs, Chile Peppers, and Asian writing that I had no idea what it meant.

Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles

Samyang 2x Spicy Chicken Noodles

Prepping the Noodles

Making the noodles is easy.  When you open the package, you are greeted with the noodle loaf and 2 flavor packets.  One for the nuke sauce and another for a garnish of seaweed and sesame seeds.  If you don’t know how to make a traditional ramen, I have just one thing to say to you.  WHAT KIND OF MONGOLOID ARE YOU?

Step 1:  Put water to the boil on the stove.

Step 2: Wait for it to boil and put in the noodle loaf

Step 3: Drain the water, add the nuke sauce and toppings.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Finally: The Taste


To be honest, the taste of the noodles surpasses anything that has come out of any ramen packet I have ever tasted.  The noodles are thicker and have a unique, savory taste.  The color of the noodles turns a deep blood red with the addition of the nuke packet.  On a scale of 1-10 on flavor, I would give this a solid 10 for a ramen packet, but a 6 overall.  The spice kicks you right in the teeth immediately.  It is not the spiciest thing I have ever had, but for a commercial sold product, it certainly packs a punch.  The spice lasts a good 10 minutes but you can still feel the tingle after about an hour.  If you happen to get the sauce on any of your clothes or on your hands, it will stain.

WORD OF WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, EYES, OR GO TO THE BATHROOM after eating or coming into contact with the liquid fire.  You WILL regret it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  This advice may be from personal experience…