Can we handle the Toe of Satan?

Can we handle the Toe of Satan?

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love anything Spicy.  I don’t know what it is if I consider it a challenge, of I love the pain associated with eating.  I recently had the opportunity to fly out to Texas to visit my brother and also go on a cruise to Mexico. (Check out that video and post here) While there, he said he had bought something awesome that we should do a video on.  The Toe of Satan.

We are both fans of the website Vat19 and had seen this challenge done many times before, so I was understandably a little nervous.  The uncontrollable drooling, the pain in their faces, it looked AWESOME.

What is the Toe of Satan?

Toe of Satan - Hungry Doug

The Toe of Satan is a lollipop that is cinnamon flavored and made with a chili extract that has a Scoville rating of 9 million, which is 900 times hotter than a jalapeño.  The chili extract is made from the Carolina Reaper pepper, which is currently the Worlds Hottest Pepper.  Here is a description from their Amazon listing.

  • EXTREMELY SPICY: This satanic sucker is made from a special “hellfire” chili extract that has a Scoville heat unit rating of 9 million—that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeño and hotter than the hottest pepper on the planet! So be careful: this is a food for serious spice gladiators only.
  • DO YOU DARE?: If you’re hell-bent on heat, try the Toe of Satan Challenge: keep the sucker in your mouth for five merciless minutes. It’s guaranteed to turn your mouth into a lake of fire.
  • MADE FROM WORLD RECORD CAROLINA REAPERS: The Toe of Satan is one of the spiciest candies on Earth or in hell. Instead of the delayed burn from hot peppers, this demonic delight sizzles as soon as it hits your tongue. That burn you feel is the “hellfire” chili extract, which has the insanely high Scoville rating of 9 million units! For comparison, that’s over four times hotter than a Carolina Reaper, the former record-holder for the world’s hottest pepper.
  • BRAGGING RIGHTS WITH YOUR FRIENDS: If you can’t get enough brimstone in your diet, challenge yourself and a friend to the Toe of Satan challenge. In order to achieve bragging rights, you must keep the sucker in your mouth for five fiery minutes without spitting. Trust us, five minutes is going to seem like an eternity.
  • APPROACH WITH CAUTION: We sincerely mean it when we say that you should approach this sucker with caution. Keep it away from children and pets, and make sure you have milk or ice cream handy before venturing into the netherworld.

Can we handle the Toe of Satan?

The results were that it hurt.  A lot.  My brother could only do about 20 seconds, while I toughed it out for 2.5 minutes.  Maybe one day I will make it all the way through.  Check out our video to see the whole thing.


Where can I get the Toe of Satan (2 Pack)