The Hat | Southern California

The Hat | Southern California

Growing up in Southern California, you kind of take for granted the amazing things that happen around you. Access to major sports teams, minutes away from the beach, and all around you AMAZING food. One of those places I didn’t start appreciating until I had moved away was The Hat.

Currently with 11 locations throughout Southern California, The Hat has been around since 1951. They have other things that are delicious, but nothing compares to their World Famous Pastrami sandwich. And what pairs with that World Famous Pastrami sandwich? Thats right, a monster order of their Onion Rings. Officially called the Pastrami Dip, it is served on a huge french bread roll with mustard and pickles. The holy trinity of Pastrami.

The feel of each of their restaurants is a nod to the golden age of diners. Neon lights and vintage fixtures and booths complete the ambiance. You order at the counter and everything is wrapped to-go. They do not skimp on the portions either. Each sandwich has more than enough meat and they practically fill the rest of the brown bag with Onion Rings.

The next time you are in Southern California, make sure to check out The Hat World Famous Pastrami. Get the Pastrami Dip with Onion Rings. You will not be disappointed.

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