Why do these Weird Sodas exist???

Why do these Weird Sodas exist???

Why do these Weird Sodas exist?  It is a simple question really…

One of my guilty pleasures in this world is that I get to travel to Texas every year to visit my brother in Waco, Texas.  Besides being known for Cults and the Fixer Uppers, Waco has a unique charm to it.  Each time we have visited, we take a trip to Downtown Waco and visit the variety of awesome stores.  One of my favorite stores is called Hey Sugar.

Hey Sugar is an amazing little candy store in downtown Waco.  As soon as I walk in I am surrounded by all the candy and soda I can imagine.  From the new candies to old vintage ones you can’t find anywhere, Hey Sugar has it all.  In the back, they have huge fridges filled with an awesome mix of sodas and even have a large variety of ice cream.  

While we were in the store Hey Sugar, we came across a few different things that tickled our fancy, particularly in their weird Sodas section.

Check out the video of what we found.

Also, check out Hey Sugar here!